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Morton Villas: What to do!
  • Eating out
Good restaurants : BUTCHERS SHOP, Fajara 20 mins.
LE SCALE in Senegambia, Kololi 15 mins.
NGALA LODGE, 25 mins.
SEA SHELLS in Senegambia, 10 mins.
WHITE HORSE Residence in Batakunku, 25 mins.
CLAY OVEN, (Indian) 20 mins.
Tasty & Cheap : PARADISE PIZZA, Senegambia 10 mins.
JEWEL OF INDIA, Senegambia 10 mins.
BAMBOO GARDEN, Fajara 20 mins.
SHIRAZ (Lebonese) Koto 15 mins.


  • Expat Night & Karioki

Churchills Bar, Koto 15 mins.

  • Fishing Trips

Tarpon, Reef, Upriver, Beach Fishing and Offshore up to 20 miles available in Senegambia.

  • A romantic day out

A River trip on a coconut boat is wonderful. Book at Coconut Residence.

  • Crocodile pool, Bacou 25 mins.
  • Monkey park, Kololi 10 mins.
  • Baboons, Makasuta 40 mins.
  • Snake & Reptile Enclosure, on the coast road 40 mins.
  • Cultural Markets, Serrekunda, Banjul.
  • Craft Markets, Senegambia, Brikammer, Bacou.


  • Currency 64 Dalasis = one pound (changeable).
  • Plastic credit cards are not always accepted.

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